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Muller's Barbet

Male is large (86cm) elegant blackish, long-tailed pheasant with distinct glossy purple-blue edges to feathers of mantle, breast and tump, forming conspicuous scalloped pattern against sooty-black feather centres. Pointed tail is barred black and mottled white. Wings are black with a conspicuous white bar and white tips to secondaries and tertials. Bare orbital skin is crimson. Smaller female is mottled grey below, brown with mottling of reddish and black with white streaks above. Iris--brown; bill--greyish; feet--greenish. Rather high wok, wok, wok alarm call. Shrill whistle by male in breeding season.
Endemic to Taiwan. Globally Near-threatened. Uncommon resident of the central mpountains of Taiwan from 1800-3000m.
Keeps to dense forest in lower conifer and mixed forest zone, also bamboo forests and steep scrub. Shy and secretive.


Bird id:B0315
Chinese name:五色鳥
scientific name:Megalaima oorti
English name:Muller's Barbet










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