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Formotosema siebohmi (Distant)

The largest cicada in Taiwan, body length 39 - 49 mm; head color black, with blue or green spots on male and green spots on female. Chinese common name also known as “green-head cicada”. Ocellus red, body and wings black, costa on front wing light blue or greenish tinged, middle area of wing with irregular white stripes, notum with shinning blue-green color stripes. Adults appear in July - September. Distribution: low altitude mountains in southern Taiwan. (Protected species II: Rare and valuable species)

Category: teaching specimen
Chinese name:台灣爺蟬
Scientific name:Formotosema siebohmi (Distant)
English name:Formosan giant cicada
Author:Chen-Hsiang Chen



Department and graduate Institute of Entomology
National Taiwan University