Endless Love in the Noodle

Excellent Work of the 5th Cyber-Island Photography Contest
Photographer: Da-Jun Lin
Date and place photos were taken: 2009-2010; Fusing Township, Changhua County



One needs to get up early in the morning to make the dough, wrap it around the bamboo stand after stretching it. The process is steamy and cumbersome.

The balance

Swinging noodle properly is a key factor in maintaining the quality of noodles. Mr. Lin smiled and said, “Swing noodles needs good balance, so does the relationship between a husband and wife.”

Endless love in the noodle

Noodles which hang in different directions glisten in the sun. Mrs. Lin constantly walk among them to check their dryness; showing her care.


The final work

The dried noodles are packaged to become the final product.

To earn their living

Their small wish after the hard work is that these noodles will bring in enough money to support their family.













The Lin Family Handmade Noodle, one of the few handmade factories in present day Taiwan, is in Fusing, a township next to Lukang. Whenever there is a sunny day, glistening noodles can be seen hanging everywhere in the yard of the old courtyard house. The current owner of the noodle factory is the third generation owner and he worries that he might become the last.

To make noodles by hand is a complicated and labor-intensive process. One has to get up in the early morning to make the dough, stretch it and wrap it around the bamboo stand. After being pulled with proper force and lengthened, the noodles are exposed under the sun and checked for their dryness. These are no simple skills. I once tried to help Mr. Lin with the pulling action, but almost fell on the ground when he swung the noodles. Of course, the harsh hot sun always accompanies the workers since the noodles are dried in sunlight. Strictly speaking, noodle making is one of the dirty, dangerous, and difficult occupations; no wonder today’s younger generations lack the interest to take over.

Being a master in this career, Mr. Lin holds a sense of pride and honor. He is full of confidence in the quality and taste of his handmade noodles. By word of mouth among photographers, the courtyard house of The Lin Family Handmade Noodle has become a photography hot spot and attracts big crowd on holidays. In my last several visits, I saw the fourth generation of Lins working in the family business. I sincerely hope that Mr. Lin’s craft can pass to his children and the love in the thousand strips of noodle can continue to shine in the courtyard.


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