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1. Tzu-fan Bell Set (1-12)
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,bronzes,bell,Spring and Autumn Period)
Including a set of eight bells here, each was engraved with an inscription for a total of 132 characters in all. ......  ...
2. Tsung-chou Bell
(Matching tags: National Palace Museum,bronzes,bell,Western Chou)
The lower part of the bell, known as the “ku” where the bell was struck, is decorated with an animal mask design, and the “chuan” is decorated with two-headed creatures. ...... ...
3. Zhong with interlaced hydra tie
(Matching tags: bronzes,bell,Spring and Autumn Period)
Bells were an ancient musical instrument. The kind that was hung individually and used individually is called a special bell. The shape of the special bell is usually larger than the regular one. Because ...