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Lue's Japalura (Japalura luei) 呂氏攀蜥

This lizard is a diurnal species and thrives near the edges of forests, foraging on insects and small invertebrates. During the day time the Lue's japalura likes to sunbathe on tree bark or on the ground, and it does not autotomize its tail. Its body color can adapt to its environment and forms excellent camouflage. The reproductive period of this lizard is during the summer; 4 to 6 eggs are usually found in a nest. When other animals approach, male Lue's japaluras will perform push-ups and expand its dewlap as a display of intimidation.


Kingdom Animalia
Division Chordata
Subdivision Vertabrata
Class Reptilia
Order Squamata
Family Agamidae
Genus Japalura luei


The body length of this lizard usually does not exceed 27 cm , with the tail length accounting for over 2/3 of its body length. This species is one of the most colorful in all of japaluras in Taiwan; its back is mostly green, the edge of its oral cavity slightly yellow, the ventral side and the lower jaw are green congruently; the back ridge is high and the body slightly flattened to the side; the mid and posterior section of its tail is colored reddish brown, and black stripes are visible on the heads of adults. A clear sexual dimorphism of body colors and shapes exist in this species; the males have obvious tuberculate scales and dewlaps, and their lips and cheeks are usually colored light blue; the lateral yellowish-green belts are more prominent than females. The females are usually colored in green with variations in patterns: dispersed (single color) or brown-back (two colors).

Classification study

Author Ota, H., S. L. Cheng and G. Shang
Date of Establishment 1998
Discoverer Ota, H., S. L. Cheng and G. Shang
Discovery Date 1998
Published paper Ota, H., S. L. Cheng and G. Shang. 1998. Japalura Luei, a new agamid lizard from Taiwan (Reptilia: Squamata). Copeia 3: 649-656.
Found location  


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