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The Precious Scroll of the God of the Kitchen (灶君寶卷)

Resource Identifier:P6-055
Resource Type:Edition:Woodcut print by the I-te-chai Morality Bookstore, Nanking.
Subject & Keywords:Folk literature
Description:Pao-chüan (precious scrolls) have been popular ever since the sixteenth century. Leaders of popular religious sects have used them to propagate their teachings. The text here, entitled "The Precious Scroll of the God of the Kitchen," published during the Kuang-hsü reign (A.D.1875-1908), was intended to be read aloud to an audience. It contains both religious sanctions and lists of concrete moral guidelines.
Date:A.D.1844, Ch'ing dynasty
Format:Hight 23.5, width 15.0; frame: height 20.5, width 13.2cm.

Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica
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