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Exoskeleton opisthoparian, subisopygous. Glabella tapering, with 2 or 3 pairs of lateral furrows; palpebral rim and furrow present, eye ridges present or absent, eyes variable in size and position; preglabellar field present or absent; fixigenae upsloping, with wide palpebral areas, posterior areas triangular, of variable length; librigenae subrectangular, with stout genal spines, may be lateral in position. Thorax with 10 to 13 segments; axis convex; pleurae flat, ending in spines, 1.5 to 2 times width (tr.) of axis, with broad pleural furrow in center. Pygidium semicircular to transverse; axis convex, extending nearly full length to rounded end, with 3 or 4 axial rings and terminal; 5 or 6 pleurae ending in spines of variable length along margin, interpleural grooves obsolete except for faint anterior pair or line of granules, pleural furrows broad; border furrow shallow or obsolete, border narrow or absent. Surface with granules and small spines. Up.M.Cam.-Low.U.Cam.

National Museum of Natural Science